It's a Wonderful Life Essay

Topics: It's a Wonderful Life, Perception, Emotion Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: March 9, 2011
The movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, has the protagonist named George Bailey. In this story line, God is talking to one of his angels and He tells this angel that his job is to prevent this man from killing himself and to save him. God then goes and shows this angel part of George’s life that was very significant. In the end, we see George Bailey at present time and we see that he is at one of his lowest points ever.

Throughout the movie, the audience gets to perceive George’s dilemma in life. Since he was a little boy, George has been a good child: always willing to help others. He saved his brother’s life by jumping into icy cold water to prevent him from drowning, and thus he lost his left ear’s hearing; he also prevented his boss, Mr. Roberts, from putting poison in his capsules since he felt depressed that his son had been killed in the war. These two significant circumstances shows that George is a very important figure in Bedford Falls, and that without his presence, he may not have saved his brother or Mr. Roberts. The problem is that George Bailey feels like he is a failure and has not accomplished anything in his life. Once his guardian angel comes to earth to rescue him, he says that if it hadn’t been for him everybody would be so much better off and that he wished he wouldn’t have been born at all! With this, his guardian angel grants his wish and no one in town knows him. Without George Bailey having perceived how everyone lived without him, he would not have believed that people really needed him. In fact, if God had never showed the angel George’s life since he was small, he would not have been able to know in what way he could have helped George. Also, as the audience, they would not have known that George Bailey was a good man, so they would not have cared if he committed suicide.

Perception plays a very significant role in the movie because George himself does not believe that the people in Bedford Falls need him. Before his...
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