Issues On Globalization

Topics: Culture, Education, Social sciences Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: April 22, 2015

1. Socio-Cultural Issues
Massive migration and globalization are changing the ways we experience national identities and cultural belonging. Managing difference is becoming one of the greatest challenges in multicultural countries. Children growing up in other countries are likely to face a life of working and networking, loving and living with others from different national linguistic, religious, and racial backgrounds. Global changes in culture deeply affect educational policies, practices and institutions. Teachers and schools need to have flexibility to cope with and make use of the cultural resources that are in their classrooms (Coatsworth, 2004)

2. Economic Issues
David Bloom (2002) claims that growing world-wide inequality, indexed by increasing gaps and income and well-being, generally mimics a continuing and growing global gap in education. Globalization brings about opportunities for education, particularly in the ways that new technologies can be put to work to improve both the quantity and quality of education worldwide. What in the world seems to be learning is that illiteracy anywhere creates economic and political risks everywhere. (Bloom, 2004) Because globalization is affecting employment, it touches upon one of the primary traditional goals of education, preparation for work.

3. Political Issues
At the same time that economic coordination and institutions have become increasingly well-regulated, and as stronger institutions emerge to regulate global economic activity, with globalization there has also been a growing internationalization of global conflict, crime, terrorism, and environmental issues, but with inadequate development of political institutions to address them.
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