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 Knowledge is the food for man because in absence of knowledge man cannot grow his food.

Education is the pond of knowledge

Today, every country of the world is trying to be developed in every possible way. Every country whether it is a developed or developing, they both want to progress in a scientific way. They want to reach on the top of developments.

In this context when we talk about education and its contemporary issues. We should first discuss that what challenges and issues do we have in contemporary world and before this we should discuss that what are the aim and objectives of our education and then we should search the reason of it. The first aim of our education was all round development of a child , but it is quite apparent that all round development is like a day dream because the current system is not developing even a single ability in the child.

Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi once said, “By education I mean all round drawing out of the best in child and man body, mind and spirit.” Our national poet, great philosopher and follower of naturalistic approach of education somewhere wrote that, the highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” Here, a question rises do we follow the thoughts of our great educationist and leaders?

Today, when do we discuss about, the harmony of education with peace?

Issues and challenges of Indian EducationThe main issues and challenges of contemporary Indian education are as follow. The fore most issue is the unsatisfaction of youth. Teachers are unable to satisfy the youth by their knowledge and methods of teaching their knowledge level and education system is not providing the satisfaction and due to this the youth stands against the teachers and system.

Issues and challenges of Indian EducationThe second reason is discipline in schools and colleges. This reason is given of our so called leaders and social contractors. Who instigates the youth time to time for their own benefits.

Third can be the problem of unemployment. Some of our educators think that now this problem is an issue for education system but when a youth looks his or her brother or sister unemployed even after getting bachelor or post graduate degree , they are unemployed, this give the birth to a revolt.

Issues and challenges of Indian EducationAs above we discuss a fact comes out which is our next issue. That is education is but not for knowledge our education guides students to get good marks not to get knowledge our teachers emphasis on the marks or how they will complete their syllabus not on providing new knowledge to students. Next should come the policy of state and central government about the education. Education is a subject on which state band central government both can make rules and regulation, in some matters state government says that it is the work of central government and central government says it is the work of state government and between these two authorities our education suffers. If we talk about the mass there is great unawareness about the education if some child emphasis on going to school and there are many unemployed person or a person who could not get any government job who say “hum ne teer mar liye jo tu marle ga.” These types of people should know that education is a way to get a job. But education is for knowledge and that should be our target.

Issues and challenges of Indian EducationPoverty can be next issue or a challenge to which our education system is facing. Nowadays the cost of getting education is very high so poor of our society find themselves lost in getting education.

Political unwillingness is also a great challenge for our education system. Politicians think that they got five years to fulfill their wishes. Matters of education are just kept in pending.

Issues and challenges of Indian EducationCasteism creates a wall between lower class and...
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