Education Promotes Social Harmonys

Topics: Education, Universe, Student Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Education has been considered as an inevitable thing even from 2000 B.C. Education enlarges the student’s knowledge and their skills. Education reveals the differences between truth and lie. Every religion teaches their people to live in harmony, only with their religious people. But education teaches every student to live in harmony along with every people without racism. Religion encourages the social race where education expels the religion and their racism. Even the scholar persons such as Socrates, Aristotle and Plato urged their students to live in harmony with their society. So they preferred educational system in order to promote social harmony. Only some of the students have the skepticism of living harmony. This is because of their behavior, not by the education. Behavior techniques have been used in education for a long time to encourage behavior that is desirable. The positive reinforcement acts a stimulus to increase the probability of a good behavior. Education motivates the students to questioning and criticizing the unusual negative consequences and conflicts in the society. These have been highly appreciable because without educational systems there are no laws. For example, if Newton has been forced to seek social harmony, then he never found the “law of gravitational force”. Then there is no trace for our today’s world. If Copernicus has been forced to seek social harmony, then he never found the “Universe system” which proposes that the sun is in center where the earth and other planets are revolving around it. At that time these have been considered as a social in-harmony, but now it is the fundamental of all human life. At last, the education is the only thing that reveals the difference between the truth and the negative sequences occurred in the country. And this motivates the students to rise against the negative consequences where it does not lead to affect social harmony. Hence everyday questions and...
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