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Topics: Problem solving, Management, Leadership Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: August 15, 2011
Issues & Challenges faced by Entertainment Electronics Industry

Change is relentless within the Entertainment Electronics Industry (EEI). Successful leaders over the short AND long term must doggedly address change. They must never tire - never get mired in the romance of their history. As EEI is the harbinger for most other industries, issues hit here first and must be sorted out amid tremendous pressure. Winning EEI industry leaders tend to be either visionary business strategists or the consummate fast-follower because this market is dynamic. EEI companies must


Business gurus in other industries may argue over which of two competitive paths is best - creating value by focusing leadership attention on opportunity management or creating value by continually reducing costs. But captains of consumer electronics know that to survive in this global market, companies must do both simultaneously - business opportunities & new products must wed with operational efficiencies & consolidations. Everyone knows this …

… and yet, in the privacy of the boardroom, when it comes right down to the last hard choices, each company leader tends to put their dollars and attention on one path more often than the other. And that has competitive consequences. And it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a portal that opens up a world in which such kind of trade off is unnecessary. The portal is venerable; and the concepts & tools that lead one through the portal are so foundational they are often labeled anile & irrelevant and are glossed over when, in fact, they hold the key to sustained competitive success. The portal to continuous competitive competence is the ability to resolve problems. For over sixty years, problem-solving has been quietly evolving into a powerful new discipline. At the leading edge of that evolution is Structured Innovation. In the consumer electronics industry, leaders need to solve problems at the edge of what is known. Modern competitive...
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