Issue Analysis

Topics: Child abuse, Parent, Abuse Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Issue Analysis
Analyze highly publicized cases of child neglect or parental abuse reported by the media to determine how the statement "The way neighbors’ raised their children was their own business" is viewed in Canada today. The case of Genie is a very popular and severe case of parental abuse and neglect. Genie was found at the age of 13 by the child welfare authorities of Los Angeles. Genie was isolated and abused. Her father had locked her in a room and had strapped her to a potty chair, preventing her arms and legs from moving. Her father used to beat her with various objects and scared her by barking at her like a wild dog. Also, Genie was not given any solid food and was only fed baby food. Consequently, Genie did not develop any language skills, did not know how to walk, was weak and developed a fear of dogs. She had severe bruising on her body which took several weeks to heal. After Genie was found she was admitted to the Children's Hospital where she started showing improvement and started to develop necessary development skills. She learned sign language, she could speak some sentences and had demonstrated normal human behavior like forming attachments, learning to walk straight etc. I feel this case demonstrates the statement "The way neighbors’ raised their children was their own business" because when the neighbors’ were questioned about Genie and her family, the neighbors’ didn't even know she existed. Whereas if they tried to find out about the family living next door to them and would be a bit concerned or tried to build a friendly relationship with Genie's family, Genie could have been saved earlier and she could have had a better life. Research Opportunity

Locate the oldest "how to parent" book, magazine, or pamphlet you can find. Answer the following questions: How old is the resource?
The resource is 24 years old.
How are the parents depicted?
Parents are depicted as strict, loving but not expressive. Father is strict...
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