Island of the Blue Dolphins Book Jacket

Topics: Scott O'Dell, World War II, Island of the Blue Dolphins Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: June 5, 2013
“That night I slept on the rock, for I was afraid of him, and at dawn as I went out I left the hole under the fence open so
he could go. But he was there when I got back, lying in the
sun with his head on his paws. I had speared two fish, which I cooked for my supper. Since he was very thin, I gave him one of them, and after he had eaten it he came over and lay down by the fire, watching me with his yellow eyes that were very narrow and slanted up at the corners.”

Island of the blue dolphins

A deep and touching tale about love, friendship and survival. -New York Times

This story is so deep it brings me to the deep blue sea.
-Vancouver Aquarium

The title was the bait but the plot really reeled me in.
-Fishermen’s Magazine

Scott O'Dell

He attended multiple colleges, including Occidental College in 1919, the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1920, Stanford University in 1920-1921, and the University of Rome La Sapiens in 1925. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Air Force. Before becoming a full-time writer, he was employed as a cameraman and technical director, as a book columnist for the Los Angeles Mirror, and as book review editor for the Los Angeles Daily News. In 1981, he established the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction, an award for $5,000 that recognizes outstanding works of historical fiction. In 1934, O'Dell began writing articles as well as fiction and nonfiction books for adults. In the late 1950s, he began writing children’s books. Scott O’Dell received the Hans Christian Andersen Award for lifetime achievement in 1972.

Island of the Blue Dolphins
Seven Serpents
The Captive, Houghton Mifflin 1/1979, ISBN 0-395-27811-6
Feathered Serpent, Houghton Mifflin 10/1981, ISBN 0-395-30851-6 The Amethyst Ring, Houghton Mifflin 4/1983, ISBN 0-395-33886-5 Omnibus Seven Serpents Trilogy, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky 3/2009, ISBN 1-4022-1836-1
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