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Is MSOE the Right College for Me?

Tucker Schmitt

English 10

Mrs. Gilkes


Is MSOE the Right College for Me?
Three years ago I took the three hour and twenty minute drive to Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) for an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball tournament. The moment I saw the beautiful campus I instantly thought this college is awesome and I may want to come back for college. I can’t judge a college just on looks, I need to know if MSOE is enjoyable and academically suited for this me. I need to know if MSOE is safe and affordable. The thing I really need to know is if MSOE is the right college for me? Body

To figure out the answer to my question I had to find people who have graduated from MSOE. I went home and asked my mom and she said I have a cousin who attended MSOE. Dave attended MSOE thirty years ago. Dave also played for the baseball team and has a great job of being a Senior Vice President at EMCS Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I figured Dave would be great to ask because of his liking for sports, and he and I are pretty similar in things we enjoy doing, so he would give good information coming from a perspective very similar to mine. The other person I e-mailed was Grant Leum. I knew Brock Leum’s uncle was an engineer, but I didn’t realize was that Grant owns his own business. Leum Engineering makes ramps, risers, rail boards and engineered dock products. I also went online to an online discussion site and found some very interesting reviews from Jeff and Christopher on Cappex. When I am wondering what I want in a college I think of price, campus quality, activities, and job readiness. I asked questions and looked for answers based off of these four characteristics. I found that the answers vary substantially from person to person. Some support the school while others bash on MSOE. I know the price at MSOE is astonishing and very high. I...
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