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Topics: 2014 Winter Olympics, Russia, Earth / Pages: 2 (419 words) / Published: Jan 27th, 2014
February 5th examination – 20% final grade
Essay 10 page minimum 15 page maximum, 40% of final grade (35% paper, 5% proposal) → topic must be cleared by Jan. 31st, proposal 2 pages in length must be handed in on Feb. 7th (5%)
Final essay due on March 14th in class
- review on what to expect on the exam next week for the 5th of February

Part of Exam will be in class, other half will be a take home exam

Geography conveys location but it teaches us much more about: currents of globalization
Diversity in a globalizing world
Environments, regions and landscape that matter
Environmental change, population and settlement, cultural coherence and diversity, geopolitical cultural coherence, geopolitical frameworks of unity and fragmentation

Arctic Oscillation
- Dome sitting on the top of the world
- High level storm, large hurricane like storm in the arctic circling in the stratosphere serving like a cap.
- Generate the seasonal weather pattern in the high latitudes

Blocking Highs “High Pressure Zones”
- Keep the warm air from moving north and extend the impact from the cold temperatures

Polar Vortex

Edward Snowden
Large amount of pressure for and against clemency for Snowden
Has become an indication

Winter Olympics
- Still in the final phases of construction and there are terrorists lining up to assert their intentions to make their presence felt at a world event
- 50 billion dollar winter Olympics, most expensive they have ever been
- Olympics are a “world stage” they allow everyone from everywhere to connect to this event, advertisers love this
- it’s a world stage for visions, style, ideas, terrorism
- platform for politics
- Sochi is located on the black sea, concern on whether it will be cold enough
- Putin is the one lighting the torch; symbolism, Russians re claiming greatness, Putin’s personal mark on the Sochi Olympics
- important for them to win on their own turf
- why is it so expensive?

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