Is There a Difference Between Terrorism and Fanaticism?

Topics: Religion, Terrorism, God Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Paweł Lisek
Is there a difference between terrorism and fanaticism?

Nowadays human beings are exposed to a great deal of information coming from all over the world. The bad news is that plenty of these information delivered by means of TV and radio stations concern inhumane acts of violence directed against groups and whole nations. Activists and defenders of human rights point out that the problem goes global and they put the blame for the instances of this bloodshed on terrorists and congregations under leadership of fanatic politicians and other authorities. Sociologists in broad agreement claim that terrorism and fanaticism are ideologies whose postulates are manifested in the same way. To begin with, fanaticism and terrorism are commonly associated with violence. The signs of fanaticism under dictatorship of Fidel Castro in Cuba and Kim Dzong Il in North Korea led both countries to political withdrawal from the international life and caused the death of thousands of those who had opposed the communist governments. Fanatics are as a rule noted for their incorrigible political beliefs and cruelty on those who resist to submit to regime. Correspondingly, terrorist organisations are one of the greatest threat for innocent civilians as we repeatedly hear about bombings, car-traps and suicide bombers decimating non-combatants. Al Qaeda and other criminal groups claim that they have no intension of killing private citizens; however, the numbers show that the civilian population constitutes the large portion of victims. It is obvious that fanaticism and terrorism are very dangerous for the whole population and should be dealt with with the dose of caution and deliberation. Secondly, terrorism and fanaticism flood the public with well thought out propaganda which is especially addressed to the youngest generations. Fanaticism is rooted in strong belief that something is superior to something else and this in particular affects young people. Adolescents with...
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