Is the traditional two parent family best?

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“The traditional two parent family is best” -Michael Howard 1993 Write a response to the statement. Include arguments and evidence on both sides of the discussion.
The idea that in order for a child to be raised properly and thoroughly, they must have a traditional two parent family, no doubt stems from the idea that a child must have role models while growing up, both male and female, and perhaps that parenting is difficult enough that it is necessary for more than one person alone to do it. While it is shown in everyday life that traditional two parent families can raise good, healthy children, there is no solid evidence and certainly no law against the less traditional single parent family or same-sex parent family. In the following paragraphs I shall discuss the above statement.

The argument for a two parent family is often that a child raised by two parents receives more attention and care, and that they experience less distress as they don’t have to suffer a separation or the repercussions of one. Although in many cases this can be true, it isn’t a solid argument as it is not certain that every child with only one parent receives little or less attention (it often depends on the parent(s’) profession(s), and it is not certain that every child with only one parent is in their situation because of a divorce or separation. Also, the effects of attention on children are not a case of ‘more attention means higher IQ’ or ‘more attention means happier child’, as the health and happiness of a child depends on a number of things. However, it is true that in cases where the child does not experience a separation or divorce, the child is much more likely to have a happy childhood.

Another argument for traditional two parent families is that the child is raised in a stable environment and would experience less or no trauma. A Canadian experiment carried out with mice found that offspring raised by both parents developed more brain cells, as the mice with two...
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