Single Parent vs. Two Parent

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Single Parent Home vs. Two Parent Home

Kendria Threatt

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December 7, 2011

Monique Derr

Single Parent Home vs. Two Parent Home
How do you feel about raising children in a single parent home or in a home where both parents are present? It is very shocking to know that most people do not think about these situations before starting a family. In today’s population there are more single parent families than two parent families. When raising children it takes finances, time and affection, and a good role model to help care for them. Parenting is very difficult whether both parents are present or not, but being a single parent have many obstacles. Finances are a very important key in caring for children. Single parents have to face many challenges related to finances. Sometimes single parents have to work multiple jobs to make payment deadlines. Also most single parents have to depend on government assistance to cover basic necessities like food and clothing. Depending on the government for assistance is not how a parent planned on raising his or her child. Parents believe in working to provide for their children and not to feel like a failure. It is not easy when only one income is coming into the home. In a two parent home when both parents are working money is not a big issue. There is always a source of income steadily flowing into the home. Families with both parents do not have to apply for any type of government assistance and worry about the children’s food or clothing needs. Not only are food and clothing are issues, but also making bill deadlines are a struggle. Single parents have to apply for extensions from the gas company because a check is late. Sometimes they even have to sacrifice some things for the kids to pay bills. Finances in a two parent home are much greater than a single parent home with only...
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