Is The College Use Of American Indian Mascots Racist By Jane Willy Analysis

In Jane Willy’s controversial piece, “ Is the College Use of American Indian Mascots racist?”, she voices her opinion regarding the topic stating that the colleges’ responsibility to ensure that the American Indian tribes that are being represented are also being respected. Willy’s argument is deemed strong and effective in terms of the Rogerian method because Willy presents both sides of the argument sans bias. She then proceeds to provide context to present supporting examples of valid points in the opposing argument, as well as her own argument. Then Willy supplies the advantages of the opposing arguments and makes a proposal of how both arguments can reach a common ground. The analysis of each section of Willy’s article can conclude that her argument is indeed successful.

Rogerian Analysis

According to the Rogerian method created by psychologist Carl Rogers, both of the opposing parties reach an understanding after listening to both sides of argument and talking the conflict out. In Jane Willy’s “Is the College Use of American Indian Mascots Racist?”, she considers the opposing argument
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Willy utilizes Carl Rogers’ method through presenting both the NCAA’s position, in addition to her own standpoint that expressed the fact that it is not the NCAA’s decision, rather the college, if they choose to use American Indian Mascots in a respectful manner. However, in the case that the American Indian tribes still feel disrespected or persecuted, the change in mascot would be inevitable, resulting in the compromise that the Rogerian method promotes, which Willy successfully utilizes, making her argument powerful and

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