Is Scott's Fitzgerald's Life Reflected in the Character of Jay Gatsby?

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: June 17, 2006
Is Scott's Fitzgerald's life Reflected in the Character of Jay Gatsby?

After conducting a through investigation on the author of the Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald, one may say that the protagonist of this novel is a very clore representation of the author, himself. There are numerous and meaningful similarities between Jay Gatsby and Scott Fitzgerald's life, and all of them are far from being coincidence.

Their similarities begin in their background. Scott Fitzgerald and Jay Gatsby are from middle class families and had the opportunity to attend two of the world's most prestigious universities, Oxford and Princeton, but failed to graduate from either of them. Both of them also attended the army, and left it without any remarkable success.

But still the biggest similarities between them are their love life and their ways of making a living. Both of them fell in love while being very young and neither of them could provide for their ladies, Daisy and Zelda. Both these ladies were highly interested about money and did not wait for their Fitzgerald or Gatsby, but instead they terminated their relationships because they couldn't support them. In Gatsby's case Daisy promise to wait for him, but instead she dated many men and married to Tom Buchanan; and it was not until Gatsby showed him his money and his house that their love reunited for a small period of time. In Fitzgerald's case, he was engage to Zelda and he went to work to New York to make a good living in order to provide for her. His plans took longer than expected and over a year passed, so Zelda broke their engagement and it was not until he published his first book and became rich that they married. Both Zelda and Daisy were unloyal to Scott and Gatsby respectively, it is known that Zelda had a affair (name) and that changed their relationship forever. Daisy failed to keep her promise to Gatsby, then they reunited for a short period of time, and then she just left town with Tom, and left Gatsby...
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