Is Professional Wrestling Real or Fake?

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Is wrestling (WWE) Real or Fake?

Since WWE was founded in 1952 there have always been people who have gone against it as been called a sport. From my understanding of the WWE the wrestling they do is real but the stunts they do are practised. I think this subject will be worth studying because it is an interest that I have and it is also a subject that I would like to have a deeper understanding of.

The primary methodology I will be using is a focus group. I think that this methodology is perfect for this topic because it will help me get the insight of what other people think of this subject and its less time consuming than conducting various surveys. Also the results are easier to understand.

The 3 secondary methodologies I will be using are:
1. Internet ' This methodology helps because it allows me to get most of the information I need thanks to all of the reliable sources such as and 2. Videos ' This methodology is good because it allows me to look at interviews that WWE superstars have been in and also allows me to study various wrestling documentaries such as Beyond The Mat. 3. Magazines ' Certain magazines such as Power slam publish articles that inform fans which stunts in the WWE are real and which ones were just fake, they also publish interviews which they conducted on WWE superstar were they say the real and fake moments of WWE.

For my focus group I had 3 participants, 2 girls Carol and Mena and 1 boy Alex. The answers I received from the girls were very similar they seemed to be very uncomfortable and shy when they had to talk about the WWE but the answer I received from Alex was very positive he seemed to know what he was talking about and seemed very confident in his responses.

Lina: well okay I asked all of you if you could help me with my society and culture assignment. So thanks for coming I will just be asking you a few questions about WWE wrestling. Alex: kk cool
Carol: Does it matter if we don’t know much about wrestling? Lina: no, just say whatever you think
Mena: okay cool
Lina: Do you think wrestling is fake?
Carol: Yes
Alex: some of it is
Mena: I reckon it’s fake but entertaining
Lina: do you think all of the aspects of wrestling are fake? Carol: well not really only sometimes
Mena: some is real and some is fake
Alex: I reckon most of it is
Lina: well what parts of wrestling do you think are real if any? Alex: the cage matches are so real (laughs)
Carol: well when they fully bash each other and they are locked in a cage Mena: when they bleed
Lina: how often do you guys watch wrestling?
Alex: Once a week
Carol: about once every 6 months
Mena: whenever I get the chance to, probably every weekend, but I don’t pay attention to it Lina: what makes you not watch it and what makes you not pay attention? Mena: it’s not in my interest zone

Alex: I try to always watch it
Carol: I don’t have foxtel
Lina: what do you think is the most interesting part about wrestling? Mena: the countdown to when the person is gonna win or not
Carol: yeah same
Alex: the storylines are always the best
Carol: whats a storyline
Mena: isn’t that the story that each character follows
Alex: yeah
Carol: ohh kk that’s cools (laughs)
Lina: according to the way people address to wrestling that it’s fake has that ever turned you off from watching it? Carol: well yes, I fully get excited that people are getting bashed and then you find out that behind all of the hits… it was all rehearsed and that’s the way it was sopoust to happen Alex: no because I reckon everybody has an opinion but most people that really like wrestling know that all of it is not real Mena: Yes, you don’t wanna be watching something you think is real but really isn’t Lina: whenever you have watched wrestling, does it look rehearsed when the superstars are performing their moves? Mena; Yeah sometimes, like the punches are heaps fake

Carol: ummmm sometimes...when the movies are...

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