Is My Generation Becoming More Rude and Self-centered?

Topics: Rights, Individual rights, Civil and political rights Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Is My Generation Becoming More Rude and Self-centered?

You’re watching a movie with your friends and all of a sudden someone’s phone rings and they answer it! How rude is that? Many people make decisions without consideration. What happened with the basics of please and thank you? Our generation today is becoming rude and self-centered more and more every day because of our parents, technology and civil rights. There is a major difference between a choice and a reason therefore whichever one we chose, we should do it with consideration.

Parents are one of the biggest influences on their children. Whatever they tell us to do, we do it and that is one of the problems that make our generation more self-centered. I always thought that back in the old days when my parents were my age that it was when everyone was being well mannered and less rude as today. I would always call them as “the good old days”. Dr. Benet Daveian showed me how there were no good old days and how everyone in the sixties did what they wanted to do and were trying to prove to others how they didn’t need any rules. Our parents were raised to teach us to “believe in ourselves” and how everyone should feel good about them. My parents personally taught me to become self- centered and not to care what other’s think of me which makes me and my generation become more self-centered as well. As a result of my parents' influence, it makes my generation become more like them which is to be much more rude and self-centered and do things without consideration.

Also in the past year, technology changed the way we behave, learn, and do things. Technology is making us lazier, which leads to poor grammar skills. Dr. P.M. Forni explains how “people tend to go out less, don’t engage, face to face contact due to technology”. This is very true, because it makes us less aware about what’s going around us and in world. Whenever a new piece of technology comes out, my generation will believe that “I can...
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