Is It Justifiable to Break the Law

Topics: Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil disobedience Pages: 1 (627 words) Published: November 1, 2014

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Final DraftIs It Justifiable to Break the Law?
There were times in history when breaking the law was justified. I believe that if you could break the law you should. Great leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr broke the law and changed the world for the better. Breaking the law is justifiable and acceptable when the law violates human rights and conscience. Certainly, rules are established for us to follow. However, we as human beings should be able to differentiate from right and wrong incase laws need to be violated for the right cause. Even with hard consequences, breaking the law can be justified, considering the situations and the purposes. Justification of the of laws depends on the situation, not on the rules and regulations. In certain places of the world there are extraordinary laws that might not be acceptable to all. We cannot ignore the fact that in the civil wars and world wars era the abolitionists were breaking the laws, which surely had a cause but the killing of innocent people and the millions of lives lost do not have an explanation. Such violation in today’s era, cannot be justified (A Theory of justice 1972, 1975).

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Laws are simply human built, someone somewhere proposed them and implemented those for a reason and sometimes these reasons are completely not justified. Killing is one of the best examples for such unjustified rules where a member of a family is killed by the social groups or any other members, due to the belief that the victim has brought dishonor to the family or society. Obeying blindly and blind faith are the major causes of such disgraceful activities happening in the society. Murders simply are the worst violation of human rights. People surely have the right to choose for themselves but unfortunately they don’t and they kill. People, mostly Hindus, believe in shamans and willingly and unwillingly they commit serious crimes which they think is right but which actually is...

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