invisible disability

Topics: Thought, Physician, Hearing impairment Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: February 26, 2014

The term disability is often used to describe a physical or mental challenge. This could be a bump in life that can be managed or a mountain that creates serious changes and loss. Either way, this term should not be used to describe a person as weaker or lesser than anyone else! Every person has a purpose, special uniqueness and value, no matter what hurdles they may face. Political Correctness is The avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against. I am not surprised that there are deaf doctors in the world. The deaf are just as capable as the hearing minus the hearing. Having a doctor look over your medical records that is deaf wouldn’t be any different as if a doctor that wasn’t looked over your medical records. If a hearing patient were to meet a deaf doctor for the first time there would probably be some discomfort but after some logical thinking they would realize there more than capable. If I were a deaf doctor all I would do is be myself act professional and make the patient feel as comfortable as possible, that’s what I would want if I had a deaf doctor. The words handicap and disabled apply to deaf people in the way that they don’t have hearing that’s it. I think being deaf is a both a handicap and disability but it all depends on the person with it, how if they overcome and still strive to be the best person they can be.
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