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What is Investigative Journalism?

Investigative Journalism is the art of uncovering matters that were buried either, deliberately by a group or a person in a position of power. The burring of matters can also be accidental, behind a mass of facts and circumstances. Investigative Journalism includes the analysis and exposure of all relevant facts to the public. In this way investigative journalism crucially contributes to freedom of expression and media development.

Investigative Journalism requires considerable research and evidential backing in revealing the fraud, corruption or deceit, it also involves a high level of risk which, not only at times affects the lives of the journalist, but also the lives of their loved ones.

When people think of journalism as a field of work, the typical news reporter or columnist stereotype springs to mind, however, there is much more to journalism than meets the eye. There are different types of journalism and ways in which you can gather and portray information. Investigative journalism is just one branch of this ever-growing tree. It is respected in ways and despised by others just as it is supported by some and opposed by others.

Investigative Journalists are there to expose truth within a given society. This could be exposing anything as big as government secrets and its officials or as minor or more trivial as a celebrity’s secret affair. Investigative journalism could be presented in newspaper articles, documentaries, or now with the founding of “Wikileak’s”, it could even be presented online. This type of journalism is highly essential in today’s corrupt society, a society full of secretive governments with hidden, unknown, and self-beneficial agendas. (1)

Getting involved in the field of investigative journalism is very risky and needs skillful journalists. With tasks such as setting up interviews for investigative stories it is extremely difficult because, these stories usually expose

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