Investigating Marketing

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Investigating Marketing
Unit 3 Applied Business

This piece of coursework is for my Unit 3 Applied Business. The coursework involves investigating marketing within a chosen business. The business I have chosen to investigate is Kitchen, a small business located in Snaith. The aim of my coursework is to evaluate the marketing strategy used by Kitchen to sell bakery and deli produce and also to operate a café. To investigate my chosen business I will give a brief background to Kitchen and the products they sell. Then I will explain what marketing is, including the 4p’s of marketing and discuss why the 4p’s are important to established companies such as Kitchen, and how it leads to overall performance. I will then, in context, show how the product I am researching use the 4p’s to boost sales of that chosen product. Also in my coursework I will explain and evaluate the main marketing objectives of Kitchen and I will include how they relate them to SMART objectives. In addition I will then identify the businesses marketing objectives for the product I am researching into and explain why the product has these objectives that Kitchen has set out. Furthermore I will include a detailed report on the closest competitors to Kitchen based on the research I have conducted and analyse this research to create my overall developed marketing mix. I will then evaluate the market segment in which Kitchen targets, and again how this compares to its closest competitors. Moreover, I will discuss market research and how it is important to businesses such as Kitchen. I will analyse Kitchen by producing multiple charts and graphs, these will help Kitchen develop from my research I have conducted in my overall aim of devising a new marketing mix for Kitchen. Finally I will take into consideration all of my research and then voice how I think that Kitchen can develop their marketing mix.

Kitchen is a business that is located in Snaith. It is run by the partnership of sisters Debbie and Jenny. The business runs a bakery, a deli and café. The bakery produces products such as homemade bread, sausage rolls, pasties and pies. The café allows customers to buy the products made within the bakery and eat them within their premises in Snaith. Recently though, due to their high demand within the café, they have started making customers book a table in advance. Kitchen also has business to business connections, which means that Kitchen caters and sells products to other businesses. Currently they have two delivery vans which they use to deliver the products which they make within their bakery, which is located in Whitley Bridge, to other businesses who want their products. Usually, they bake a lot of their products early in the morning at their bakery, normally starting about 3am, to ensure they have the right amount of products to deliver to other businesses that want this service and also so Kitchen can sell their products within their own café. The main customers that use the business to business connection are cafés and restaurants around Yorkshire, and also the occasional events such as weddings or parties. The purpose of Kitchen is to provide excellent customer service and to meet all the needs that the customers desire.

The business has currently been running for 8 years, since it opened in 2004 as a farmer’s market stall, in which Debbie used to sell the products on her own, which didn’t generate much profit at all. Then when Jenny completed her course within college in 2007, the business then expanded. At first Jenny was introduced into the business by Debbie, and then later formed a partnership. Upon doing this they decided to rent out a small shop, the premises in which they are currently located, where they sold their products. In April 2012, Debbie and Jenny decided they would turn the small shop into a café along with the shop, so that this gave the customers the opportunity to either buy the products and take...
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