Inventory Analysis

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Research Proposal On

Inventory Management in an


Case Study of the XYZ Ltd
Angelina F Nyansambo

THIRD YEAR BBA 2007/2008

Supervised by

The Research Proposal Submitted to The St Augustine University of Tanzania in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of the Bachelor of Business Administration




1.1 Background Of The Problem5

1.2 Statement Of The Problem6

1.3 Objective Of The Study7

1.4 Research Questions8

1.5 Significance Of The Study8

1.6 Limitation Of Study9

1.7 Scope Of The Study10



2.1 Introduction10

2.2 Inventory11

2.3 The Basis Of Inventory Control11

2.4 Managing the Inventory11

2.5 Functions of Inventory13

2.6 Inventory Costs and Financial Considerations14

2.7 Just In Time Management15

2.8 Safety Stock and Setting the Right Stock Level15

2.9 Demand Forecast and Inventory Models16

2.9 Organization and Management17



3.1 Area of study18

3.2 Research design18

3.3 Research techniques19

3.4 Sample size19

3.5 Population size19

3.6 Sampling Procedures20

3.7 Data types20

3.8 Data collection methods21


4.1 Schedule of activities22

4.2 Research paper Budget23

4.3 Bibliography24


The objective of this study is about inventory management in an organization. The study will be assessing the effectiveness of inventory management in an organization. It will try to find out various methods of managing inventory in an organization. The case study design will be applied in this study and the study will be carried out at XYZ Ltd.

Research instrument such as questionnaire, interview, and organization’s documents will be used as data collection methods. Judgmental and random samples of staff members and the management of XYZ Ltd will be selected to present the unity of inquiry in this particular study. Descriptive and graphical methods will be applied in analyzing the findings. Findings of the study will be presented and finally the study will provide conclusions and recommendations.



Everyone is a stock controller, at home and at work. We all keep food, clothes, domestic items, paper, pens and many other goods. Stock control is a natural occupation which everyone does, some more successfully than others. Nowadays the inventory controller has extra responsibility. The job has grown from store keeping becoming a management discipline of maintaining the inventory to meet the company policy. The original role of stock control was part of the physical stores control. Management’s role in any organization involves acquisition, disposition, and control of resources that are necessary for the attainment of organization objectives. These resources typically include labor, capital, equipment, and material, but the for case of this study will be focused on stock. Every organization either uses, transform, distributes, or sell stock of one form or another. The management of stock concerns their flow to, within, and from the organization. The efficiency of the flow can substantially influence costs and revenue generation and thus hold serious implications for marketing, finance, and production. (Greene 1996)

1 Background Of The Problem

The ability to efficiently manage inventory is no small matter in any business Having too little inventory can end up costing your company a lot of money in lost sales and missed opportunities.

However, having too much inventory can also be costly, causing a business to incur unnecessary purchasing, storage fees, and loan interest. It can even leave you holding merchandise that you may never...

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