Inventions of the 1800's

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison, Light Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: September 6, 2007
One day Edison's boss called him to his office. He asked him how much it would cost to buy his improvements. He wanted $6,000 but his boss offered $40,000! Edison bought a factory and started inventing. In 1871, Edison married Mary Stiltwell and had three children. In 1876, Edison moved out of Newark and into Meleno Park. In 1876 Alexander Bell invented the telephone and Edison improved it by making it battery powered. He then invented a lampback out of graphite and it made the signal clearer. Then the Western Union paid Edison $100,000! During that time Edison invented the phonograph. In 1879, he invented the incandescent light bulb. Edison invented the light bulb and a lighting system for New York. In 1844, Mary died from Typhoid fever and 2 years later Edison married Mina Miller. Alexander Bell offered to join Edison, but he became enraged because he invented the phonograph. This caused him to improve it. Then he invented one of the first moving films. In the 1880s he lost over 2 million dollars on failed projects. He became good friends with Henry Ford because he had made a car. On October 18, 1931, Edison died at age 84 from diabetes, kidney disease, and a gastric ulcer.

Over the years, Edison took out 1,093 patents on his work. He invented the phonograph and the first answering machine. He helped invent the basic foundations for houses and helped invent electronics we use today. He made light bulbs and lighting for lamps, homes, and businesses. Edison made telegraphs that automatically sent messages and could send two messages at once. He overcame his hearing problem, and supplied power to 400 light bulbs and 85 customers. His power plant was a huge success, and this allowed him to find a way to direct electrical currents. He almost received the Noble Prize, but refused to share with his old lab partner. He was elected to the National Academy of Science in 1927, and elected to the hall of fame for great Americans in 1960. He was awarded the...
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