Introduction to Nursing Research

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Nursing research is a scientific process which helps to improve the patient outcomes through the analysis of data collected and adding new protocols to improve patient care. Evidence-based research helps researchers to identify the problems and make decisions based on current state of knowledge and improved patient outcomes. Pressure ulcer continues to be one of the major problems in today's healthcare. Now a days, hospitals providing care to critically ill patients and chronically ill patients. The development of hospital acquired pressure ulcers extents the patient's length of stay in the hospitals and increases the health care cost for the patient. The article "Knowledge on Pressure Ulcer Prevention Among Nursing Professionals", helps nursing professionals to understand the importance of preventing pressure sores by providing them with proper skincare and skin assessment (Miyazaki, M. 2009). In order to prevent development of pressure ulcers, the nursing staff requires adequate evidence- based knowledge related to pressure ulcers. This research study helped to reach the conclusion that knowledge deficit among nursing staff plays a very important role in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Purpose of the study
Pressure ulcer is one of the major problems in today's health care. The purpose of this study was to describe and to analyze the knowledge of nursing staff who providing direct care to elderly and adult patients with chronic illness regarding pressure ulcer prevention including assessment, classification and prevention. Methods of study

This study was conducted at a University hospital among nursing professionals who providing direct patient care. The data was collected through a validated questionnaire and used quantitative research in this study. In quantitative research, the researchers identify the problem and collect data in numerical form. The approval for this quantitative research with descriptive and...
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