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Module Title Introduction to Nursing

Module Code NURS07022

Cohort September 2013

Assignment Title Introduction to nursing workbook

Assignment Date 03/12/13

Word Count Words 1587

Part 1
Learning outcome 1
With reference to credible and relevant evidence, discuss your accountability as a student nurse. Learning outcome 3 will be demonstrated by your use of credible and relevant evidence. 500 words (30 marks)

My accountability as a student nurse is to be accountable to the patients, families and the general public to which I am caring for. Student nurses must adhere to the guidelines set out by the nursing and midwifery council (NMC) which states “As a professional, you are personally accountable for your actions and omissions in your practice and must always be able to justify your decisions”. Accountability is integral to professional practice. (NMC) Nurses make judgements in a wide variety of circumstances, and use their professional knowledge, and skills to make a decision based on evidence for best practice and the person’s best interests. Nurses need to be able to justify the decisions they make. Student nurses also have a duty of care which means they have a legal liability with regard to the patient. They must ensure that they perform competently. They must also inform another when they are unable to perform competently (RCN). This means that the task is necessary and delegation is in the patient’s best interest, the student nurse must fully understand the task and how it is to be carried out, they must also have the skills and abilities to perform the task competently and also must accept the responsibility to perform the task competently. The oxford dictionary 2008 defines accountability as “The obligation of being answerable for one’s own judgements and actions to an appropriate person or authority recognized as having the right to demand information and explanation according to the terms of the NMC code of conduct. A registered practitioner is accountable for his/her own actions as a professional at all times, on or off duty , whether engaged in current practice or not. As a student you are not yet ‘accountable’ as you are not a qualified nurse although a qualified nurse is accountable under the NMC code of conduct, however a student nurse is still responsible for their own actions and behaviour and must act in a professional manner and uphold the profession of nursing, by behaving in a responsible manner and being thoughtful and respectful. A qualified nurse must act to the highest of standards, although as a student you are also still expected to act to the highest standard , as a student nurse you will be provided with support from senior staff and from your mentor because you are still learning and mistakes can happen that’s why support will be provided to allow you to be more confident and learn, as students learn new things everyday as do nurses because the nursing profession is a life-long learning experience. (Bethann Siviter 2013) Nurses and midwives hold a position of responsibility, as patients rely on them. They are professionally accountable to the NMC, as well as having a contractual accountability to their employer and are accountable in the law for their actions. Nurses must act in the best interest of the patients in their care at all times. As a student nurse you are also accountable to the NHS and must report any inappropriate care that is being delivered to a patient if you think that it is not acceptable or appropriate to that particular patient, as the NMC 2008 states that You must inform someone in authority if you experience problems that prevent you working within this Code or other nationally agreed standard.

Part 2
Learning outcome 2
With reference...

References: “The importance of good record keeping for nurses” (Accessed 14.11.13)
Nursing published 13 December, 2007 Record keeping
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