Introduction to Mail Merge

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Aim:To make an invitation letter for the inauguration of college library and send it to five people using mail merge .letter should contain date of inauguration and time.

Input: The following is:

|Title |First name |Last name |City |State | |Mr. |Himanshu |Gaur |Vasant vihar |Delhi | |Mr. |Rishab |Meena |Dwaraka |Delhi | |Mr. |Rahul |Jain |Friends colony |Delhi | |Ms. |shalabh |Dutta |Saket |Delhi | |Ms. |Vishal |Kumar |Sarojni nagar |Delhi |

Procedure :

1.creating the main document
On the menu bar, click on Tools .From the pull down menu ,select letters & Mailings. then select Mail merge…A task pane will appear on the right of the word document .under select document type,choose one of the following types of documents: • Letters

• Envelopers
• Labels
• Directory
Click on Next :Starting document at the bottom of the task pane.

2. Selecting the starting document

The two most common types of document are letters and labels.

Under select starting document,select one of the three options: • Use the current document will allow you to start from the current document shown on the screen. • Start from a template will allow you to start from a ready-to-use from that can be modified. 1. click start from a template.

2. click select template…
3. On the Mail Merge tab in the select template dialog box,select the template you want, and then click OK. • Start from existing document will allow you to work on an existing mail merge document. 1. click start from the existing document.

2. In the start from existing box,select the document you want,and then click Open..if you do not see the document, click More files..and then click Open.. 3. In the Open.. dialog box,locate the document you want ,and then click Open. Click on Next : Select recipients at the bottom of the task pane 3. Labels:

Change the document layout:

1. Click on Label options….the following dialog box will appear.


2. You may choose a specifictype of label by label products and product number. 3. You can adjust the height and width of the label by clicking on Details…

4. Start from existing :choosing this option if you have saved an existing label document in word format.

Click on Next: select recipients on the bottom of the task pane.

Select recipients

The process of selecting recipients is identical for creating letters and labels. Under Select recipients ,select one of the three options: • Use an existing list will allow you to use files and addresses from a file or data base. 1. To find an already existing file ,select Browse…and navigate your way to the file. 2. if your data source is an excel worksheet that has data on multiple tabs, select the tab containing the data you Ok. 3. all the entries in the data source will now appear in the Mail merge recipents window ,where you can editthe list of recipents. Click Ok when finished. 4. to changethe file cclick on Select a different list… 5. to edit the list click on edit recipents list…(data source) • Create a simple new address list will allow you to create a new contact list. 1. under select recipents, click type a new list. 2. click Create… the following window will...
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