Introduction on Beauty Salon Business

Topics: Cosmetics, Ethnic group, Woman Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: April 12, 2009
In the 21st century, beauty and make up are like the wheels of a cart or the two sides of a coin. Women are beautiful in themselves; but a little make-up does help a lot and it keeps one to make the day better and happier. Every woman wants to be pretty whether she’s young or old so the beauty salon is the place to go. Beauty salons are also like a temple; however, the difference is that we go to worship in the temple and in the beauty salon we go to be worshipped by the beauticians and by the other people around.

The beauty salon has become an almost iconic figure in Western culture and Southeast Asian culture as well as in modern generation. The beauty salon is where a woman goes to have their hair and nails done, but is also a center for community news confessions and general ‘hen parties”. As such, choosing a beauty salon is a process most women (and even men) will undergo.

The first thing to start in choosing a salon is to evaluate what needs to be done. A woman who just wants her hair trimmed might go to a beauty salon than women who wants a permanent coloring, or more extensive services. If a woman wants her hair cut promptly and that day, she might be better off visiting to a walk-in salon, more willingly than trying to find her regular stylist. For other kind of services, a woman might want to think about a full-service in by-appointment-only beauty salon. This signifies that she will have a stylist who is expecting her and definitely knows what she wants to be done.

Women should also choose a beauty salon based on their ethnic background. This may sound strange, but different ethnic groups have different hair needs. A salon that has a primarily Filipino-Korean clientele, for instance, will be much better versed in working with the unique needs of black hair. A white stylist may not be as familiar with these needs. Salons also may carry different products, depending on the ethnicity of their clients. A full-service salon in a large city will...
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