Introduction of the Human Heart

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Strategy Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Just like any big business function human resources have to achieve a high amount of accomplishments. What are the most widely used HR strategies?
There are a wide number of HR strategies in use but most successful companies use traditional business partner or personnel strategies

The 10 basic most commonly used HR strategies
A. Personnel
B. Generalist
C. Business partner
D. Call centre
E. Outsourced
F. Centres of excellence
G. Self-service
H. Facts-based decision-making
J. Performance culture
K. Strategy of models defined
4. Summaries the strategies and models
A. personnel model
Personnel model concentration on low budgets basic deal and authorized agreement HR has the minimal effect on productivity and employee efficiency. B. generalist model:
Generalist models try to focus on special delivering services to make it unique to fit the needs of the business. The advantage and benefits from generalist model is the great customers contact

The disadvantage and risks are: the dependence on paper and the shortage of technology which means the answers are hard to find C. Business partner model:
Business partner models are more focused on becoming more strategic and building planned relationships. The business partner model is more suitable for medium and large businesses that require moving away from the “personnel mode” D. call centre model

The call centre model is free up generalist time to answer basic HR questions so they can concentrate on more strategic problems. E. outsourced
Most HR functions are under constant stress to justify their worth to their organisations and demonstrate that they can add value to them. This pressure needs to be remembered when deciding whether to outsource some, or even all, HR functions. In particular there is the need to distinguish between core or strategic and non-core HR activities. However, there are also some issues to...
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