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Current news and developments in games
In recent year computer games have been developed by professional developers and games studios. This article looks at the main areas that affect computer games development and brings you an update of what’s in the games development news today:

See text book p363 – 364

Artificial Intelligence
See text book p364-365
General intro – say what it is and then how it is used in games. Then give a summary of some of the latest developments listed below: Interaction design

See text book p365


-Console manufacturers -New consoles
New PS4 Remote Play is being advertised as a feature in most PlayStation 4 games, although this has not been seen yet and many gamers who were disappointed with the feature on the PlayStation 3. It would be an important feature for gamers who could play their PlayStation 4 collection anywhere in my house on the Vita, which would be fantastic. It is also disappointing, but understandable, that the previous PlayStation generations games will be incompatible with the PlayStation 4, especially after many gamers have spent a lot of money in the PlayStation Network store over the past few years. The price will also be crucial to the new consoles success or failure. If they launch it at around £300 to £350, then the PlayStation 4 should be a great success, but any more than that and I feel they may struggle to convince gamers to upgrade from their PlayStation 3s or Xbox 360s. Xbox 720...
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