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I totally agree of B.L. Cheung statement which he point out that the Hong Kong reforms were not motivated by the standard global claims about suppressing big government, improving efficiency or coping with fiscal crisis; they have been more linked to macro-political changes in the territory’s transition towards 1997 when a changeover in sovereign control. However, I will to compare of the others authors included Eliza Lee and Donald Tsang who show that the slow economic and financial problem is the main impacts lead the Hong Kong reform. At lastly, I will to conclude all factors that linked of Hong Kong reform. Also, I will to sum up three of authors statement to support my views.

Reasons of HK Government Reform
As we know, public sector reform in most cases was adopted to combat socio-political or socio-economic problems. So, under the globalization effects, Hong Kong government also encountered similar economic problems, including slowing economies, difficulties in raising sufficient revenue to meet demands, pressure from global financial markets, Rising expectations for increased efficiency and cost cutting and Increasing size of the public sector. These problems lead the Hong Kong government decision to reform the public sectors in order to find greater efficiencies in delivering public services.

On the other hand, some authors said that the political change is the most factor affect the Hong Kong government to reform. Since 1980s, new public management becomes fashion theories that replace the traditional management, Hong Kong also to catching up the reform of the management. It was given a flexible and authority to the civil servants to make decision of political reform. Also, the writer point that Hong Kong has not any financial problem and under the economic theory people want is an accountably government rather than the efficient government.

Donald Tsang Opinion
When Donald Tsang who is Director of Administration of Hong Kong Government. He thinks that whatever the privatization seems to become the main theme of public sector reform elsewhere. Yet, he strongly thinks that Hong Kong government is different and exceptional. Donald Tsang believed that there are four problems that Hong Kong government facing and to reform public sectors. At first, since 1970, the government launched a wide range of important social program, including housing, social welfare, education, recreation and culture, and environment protection. As result, public expenditure grew in that time. Also, the civil size growing huge in order to responds the growing trend. Secondly, the increasing size and complexity of government activities has made it more and more difficult to sustain a centrally controlled system. Thirdly, the Hong Kong government has made a major infrastructural and social projects add up to a substantial increase in demand for new resources in the coming decade. Fourthly, the new styled Legislative Council member wants a greater say in the public policy.

In general says, Donald Tsang think that Hong Kong face slow economic, low GDP compare to other western countries and huge of the public expenditure that is the main factors to led Hong Kong government to reform the public sector. Donald Tsang believed that the aim of the reform is to achieve more result with less spending, so that with a little extra demand for a new resources. Others wise, he said that to reduce the public expenditure and more financial support is necessary to the public reform.

Eliza Lee Opinion
Eliza Lee who also agree of the Donald Tsang thesis, she also thinks that the financial crisis and huge public expenditure, inefficient government were driven Hong Kong government to reform the public sector. Firstly, economic development in the 1960-1970s, the colonial government developed a large of programs and fiscal and economic policies. Such as housing, education, health care, public transportation and so on. There is...
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