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Most of us know one or two people who have a learning disability, if only by sight. Many of us have relatives , or have a friend who has a relative who has a learning disability. Many of us has some mild learning difficulties when we were kids. In years past we would have been less likely to be aware such people then we are now, because they would not have been around. “Subnormal”, “imbeciles”, “ mentally retarded”, mental defective” ( all terms used over last 50 years or so), down syndrome, were seldom seen in the ordinary community, because children with special education needs tended to be segregated from the regular classroom and sent to special schools or hospitals, and it was generally. Those kids, however with a few exceptions were not ill. They need very little hospital treatment. What they needed and still need is special and extra help with what is their major problem – a difficulty in learning. During a last 30 years there have been dramatic advances in our understanding of special needs kids development. The terme of education of children with special needs has been re-examined. The current thinking internationally is that children with special needs benefit greatly from an inclusive education , and trend now is very much towards minimising or eliminating segregation. The term “special education needs” cover the education needs of pupils with learning difficulty and also describe those who are exceptionally able - “gifted child”. All of them they got the right to be educated in main stream schools (as far as possible) which are required to provide inclusive education. New educational system provides the new techniques and trained teachers and also special needs assistants (SNS). SNS are recruited specifically to assist in the care of pupils with disabilities in an educational context. They may be destined to work in main stream schools alongside the mainstrim teacher. The SNA role is non-teaching nature. The special needs...
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