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I had the pleasure of interviewing George Lipid, Director of Reimbursement. Revenue/Costs
For a healthcare administrator, increasing revenue and decreasing costs is extremely challenging. Health care reimbursement is a major issue in health care reform. Reimbursement is the standard method of payment to health care providers. Revenue and costs is a constant challenge because it is always affected by the government’s rules and regulations. Revenue is extremely important, it’s what pays the expenses of the business and hopefully there is enough revenue above expenses to make a profit. Providing quality services in a cost effective matter is as important, and many times challenging.

George Lipid is the Director of Budget and Reimbursement in a well-known DME facility. “I am responsible for the Operating and Capital Budget, Third Party Reimbursement, Patient rate setting and the Decision Support, Cost Accounting and Contract Management functions.  In addition, I am also the Director of Budget and Reimbursement. I analyze all managed care contracts, participate in the monthly financial statement preparation process, work on various special projects, and I am responsible for staff supervision in the collections department’. George explains that lack of efficiency has been a big challenge in his collections department. Hiring people that do not have the proper experience can be very costly. The people get a salary to work efficiently. However, sometimes the lack of experience can cause many mistakes that can cost much more. “Unfortunately, many people lie in their interviews, it’s one of many risks that we have to take”, says George. Solution

George explains that other facilities test the knowledge of the interviewee during the interview by having them take a test based on the offered position. This is something the company is looking into. On the other hand, George is also looking into hiring through an employment agency,...
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