Intervention, Treatment, and Relapse Prevention

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Coping skill Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Intervention, treatment, and relapse prevention
Heidi Russell
BSHS 431
September 17, 2012
Michelle Thomas

Intervention, treatment, and relapse prevention
This writer interviewed and researched Aegis Medical Systems. Aegis Medical Systems specializes in drug-replacement therapy; a treatment for clients who suffer from opiate addiction while in pursuit of recovery. This writer will elaborate on how Aegis Medical Systems focuses on person-centered intervention and treatment. This writer will also note that Aegis Medical Systems utilized relapse prevention in a variety of forms. This writer will also brief the occasions that Aegis Medical Systems offer community awareness and prevention. This writer interviewed and researched the Aegis Medical Systems located at 103 Modesto Avenue in Modesto, California; however there are many Aegis Medical Systems treatment centers throughout California. All Aegis Medical System treatment centers follow the same practicum. These centers offer outpatient treatment with three different treatment options. The three treatment options differ in the length in which the person receives drug-replacement therapy. These treatment options include “a short-term detox program, lasting 21 days; a long-term detox program, lasting up to 180 days; as well as a maintenance program” (Aegis Medical Systems, INC., 2012). Each of these treatments consists of an induction period and a tapering period with the replacement drug methadone. The client is slowly given methadone, which is called the induction period. The dosage of methadone increases until the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal no longer hinder the client’s efforts towards fighting their addiction. This writer was told that this drug-replacement therapy does not stop all the symptoms, just lessens the symptoms from being so overwhelming that the client can not focus (personal communication, September 5, 2012). The next step in treatment at Aegis Medical Systems...

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