Interoffice Memo

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Interoffice Memorandum
Date: 7/5/04
From: John Dokes, Senior Vice President, Integrated Sales and Marketing To: Peter Cuneo, Vice Chairman
CC: Allen Lipson, President and CEO; Isaac Perlmutter, Vice Chairman, Morton Handel, Chairman; Kenneth West, Executive VP and CFO; Gui Karyo, Publishing President
I would like to congratulate everyone on the success of our latest release. We made quite the comeback on this one! Of course, we need to remember that this success is the result of smart branding decisions. Going forward, it is important to correctly identify and appeal to our target markets- young boys and young adults who have grown up with the series. Two-tier branding strategies are never easy, but I believe that here, it is possible so long as we can keep a cohesive core, based on our strongest character names.

In order to best appeal to young boys, we must find ways to remain relevant to this target group. While comic books have become less relevant to these consumers, we have had enormous success introducing our characters to this age group through our movie offerings. Our toys have also proven effective in achieving this goal. We should definitely continue capitalizing on these proven methods. We should perform market research analyzing the market potential for new video and computer game offerings, and continue to offer innovative toys designed for interactive role-play. Ideally, we can time the release of these products with new movies featuring our character family.

To appeal to the male, young-adult market, we need to work on increasing the accessibility and desirability of our products. By offering comic books and graphic novels on mobile devices, this tech-savvy target group will be able to access Marvel content with greater ease. Further, this group is more likely to value the collectible nature of our products. To take advantage of this, we could offer limited edition artwork and posters featuring our characters, created by both Marvel...
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