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1.1Origin of the Report:
Theoretical knowledge doesn’t highlight the reality as clearly as practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is a guideline, but practical knowledge is experience oriented. Practical knowledge is must for the completeness of theoretical knowledge. So both are necessary. As a BBA student we have gathered enough theoretical knowledge and techniques. Now it is needed to compliance with this knowledge with in practical orientation. I was assigned for doing my internship in Panna Battery Limited for the period of 3 months starting from 1st July 2012as an intern by the Internship & Placement, Business Administration and Management Major in Finance & Banking, Patuakhali Science and Technology University. This report entitled “Performance Analysis of Panna Battery Ltd.” originated from the partial fulfillment of completion. It has given me a chance to directly works with this organization and also visit and works with factory workers. My report will focus on the evaluation of financial statement, the different aspects of customer service provided by the Panna Battery Ltd as well as the overall performance of the Panna Battery Ltd. This report has been prepared under the supervision of MD.Maqbul Hossain, Chairmen,Department of Agricultural economics Rural Sociolog,Faculty of Business Adminstration& Management, Patuakhli Science & Technology University.

1.2. Objectives:
1.2.1.Primary Objective: Primary objective of the report is fulfilling the course requirement for Completion of BBA from Patuakhli Science & Technology University

1.2.1. Secondary Objective: Beside the primary objective there are some other objectives, which are equally important: The prime objective of the study is to the overall performance analysis of the Panna Battery Limited. These are follows:

To get real life experience from this Organization, this will help in the future job field.
To get an overall idea about the activities of Panna Battery Limited.
To review the consumer services and operating system of Panna Battery Limited.
To measure the performance of Panna Battery Limited.
To suggest the better ways of enhancing the performance of this organization. * To suggest suitable measures to remove the existing problems and improvement of customer services of Panna Battery Limited. * To have an overall idea as the energy and power production Organization and to have an idea about the customer & dealer service in this Organization.


1.3. Methodology:
The study is based on financial and non-financial data and opinions of concerned working corporate office of Panna Battery Limited. There are various methods of conducting such studies. These are library method, interview method, observation method etc.

Two approaches have been mainly used in this report.

1.3.1.Conceptual Approach: A theoretical section is given in this report (i.e. the organization part) to give an insight to the various information concerning the operational function. It is given in relevance with the organization in context i.e. Panna Battery Limited. A background of Panna Battery Limited is given to facilitate the understanding of this report. Every single portion is discussed in order to understand the empirical section.

1.3.2 Empirical Approach: This refers to the information that has been directly collected and interpreted from the survey on Panna Battery Limited. The report is prepared by interviewing the officials of Panna Battery Limited. The reports of Panna Battery Limited and documents are also been studied to do the report.

1.4Source of Information:
The information about the provided services was collected from the officers related with customer service department.
Sources of Data:
1.4.1.Primary Source of Data Collection are:
1 Face to face interview with the officers.
1 Face to face interview...
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