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" Training and Development at NALCO"

Jaikishan Mishra
Roll No:13202140 & Reg. No:13461631948

Under the Supervision of Under the guidance of

Prof. Partho Sengupta Mr. P.K. Tripathy Project mentor Assistant General Manager KIIT School of management, Bhubaneswar National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO)


This is to certify that Mr. Jaikishan Mishra , has completed his summer internship at National Aluminium Company Ltd. NALCO, and has submitted a report on "Training and Development" towards partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Degree in Master of Business Administration from KIIT University. This report is the result of his own work and to the best of knowledge no part of it has earlier comprised any other report, monograph, dissertation or book. This project was carried out under supervision of Mr. P.K Tripathy, Assistant General Manager (AGM) NALCO.

Date: _________________________________

I do hereby declare that the project work entitled "TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT" is an original piece of work and is the result of my work . This report has the requisite standard for the partial fulfilment of the MBA program at School of Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. To best of our knowledge and belief no part of this report has been reproduced from any other report and the contents are based on original research. This project has not been submitted to any other university/institute for the award of any degree.

Date: _________________________________

I would like to convey my heartiest gratitude to several people for their guidance, who helped me to complete this project. I acknowledge my thankfulness to MR. Amiya Pattnaik GM (HRD), NALCO Bhavan, BBSR for giving me an opportunity to do my project in NALCO. It is with deep sense of gratitude that i express my sincere indebtedness to organisation guide MR.P.K. Tripathy, AGM, HRD Centre of Excellence, NALCO, BBSR for providing training and under whose guidance and encouragement the present study was undertaken and completed. I would also thank MR. Partho Sengupta my faculty guide KIIT UNIVERSITY , BBSR for guiding me towards right direction for the completion of the project. I am thankful to all employ's in NALCO for their utmost co-operation and timely help extended by them for the completion of project .

Training is an approach to guide anyone to change behaviour, attitude and opinion . Training and Development simultaneously improves the individual provided he/she is aware and conscious of thee need for training in specific modules and hence the organisation need to understand training need analysis , identify specific gaps for which training is designed to fill the benefits of training. It enhances confidence , commitment and motivation in oneself which leads to recognition, greater responsibility, pay improvements, personal satisfaction, achievement and...

Bibliography: Alumina Refinery : The 2100000 tonnes per annum Aluminium Refinery, located in the valley of Damanjodi and is in operation since September, 1986. It is designed to provide Aluminium to Smelter, Angul and export the balance Alumina to overseas.
.NALCO Foundation:
During 2010-11, NALCO board set up a standalone foundation, which was registered in July 2010 under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882
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