Internet Security and Safety

Topics: Twitter, Denial-of-service attack, Botnet Pages: 8 (3144 words) Published: January 11, 2013
As the internet continues to grow, we may never be able to completely protect our privacy especially when it comes to shopping online and social networking sites.

I chose this topic because it seems to always be in the news and there is also an interesting section about this topic in chapter three in the text. Whether it has to do with online shopping or social networking sites, it seems like once we make it on the internet, anyone can be located and can be at risk. Just Google anyone’s name and you may be surprised about what comes up. If you Google my name, you may find that in 2003, I won a year’s supply of dog food! A friend found it and I had no idea that it was posted online. There are so many ways that we lose our privacy on line and the ways we need to protect ourselves and our personal information. There are so many avenues where our names can end up on line and everyone needs to use caution when sharing any personal information on line. Even though I do not think we can be completely successful with securing our privacy on line, there are preventative measures that can be taken.

Chapter I Safey and Security On Line: Will we ever be completely safe? Works Cited1

Will we ever be completely safe?
As the internet continues to grow, we may never be able to completely protect our privacy on line especially when it comes to utilizing social networking site, shopping online or by simply surfing the web. There are also so many potential invasions of privacy while spending time on line. Some invasions are clandestine and simple and may never consider them a concern. While online shopping and social networking sites seem to have the most potential with breaches of privacy, even surfing the web opens the door for certain types of invasions. Shopping online poses several threats with the most prominent are credit card number theft or even identity theft. There have been many breeches in corporate network security that have made the evening news announcing that the company’s server or system was hacked and personal information and credit card information was compromised. Social networking sites give us the opportunity to give our entire lives away and we are willing participants that may not be aware of all the dangers or how to try to protect ourselves. The reality is that as technology continues to grow, so will the savvy of hackers and scammers. Also, with the user-created applications on most social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace, just about anyone can be a hacker or send viruses when the coding behind it is learned. It is important for everyone using computers to know what the dangers are and how we can protect ourselves whether it is while shopping or simply surfing online or making new friends online. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace offer the newest online meeting places and they are hot and will not be leaving the web scene any time soon. I only know a handful of people that are not interested in cyber networking but most of my friends and family live in my computer! These sites let us post any type of information about ourselves and others. These sites also allow us to communicate with anyone around the world at anytime. While one can certainly make new friends through social networking sites, one can also be exposed to making friends with con artists and scammers without ever knowing it or at least until they have reeked their havoc on any unsuspecting person. Everyone especially needs to use caution when deciding to meet a newly found friend on networking sites or on line in general since it is incredibly easy to conceal what type of person is really behind those posted pictures and information. Website advises us to “picture social networking sites as billboards in cyberspace”. Anyone can potentially see what is posted, whether it is personal information or posts to other people, so the...
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