Internet Piracy

Topics: Peer-to-peer, InfoTrac, Universal Music Group Pages: 3 (1188 words) Published: May 3, 2010
Internet Piracy has become a worldwide phenomenon. In the U.S. alone more than 100 songs are downloaded every minute. With this growing problem, 3 main groups suffer. The recording artist suffers financially, the RIAA (The Recording Association of America) also suffers financially and finally the downloader suffers if caught. This catch 22 tool has been a thorn in the side of technology since its introduction in 1999. Since then, downloading- or peer-2-peer sharing- has become one of the worst acts of technology affecting the world at large.

Since the introduction of Napster back in the year 2000, many more P2P sharing networks have been invented to keep the illegal industry alive that left the RIAA in a fix. However, in the light of such programs there has also been uproar of other legal P2P programs that offer the same speed for a price. Many people don’t believe in paying a price to get their music. The RIAA, which collectively represents every major and minor artist out in the market right now has been slapped with programs taking profits from the artist as well as the industry it self. In an effort to control pirating, the RIAA, according to an article in Information Week, the RIAA has been trying to pressure people to stop downloading by sending out more than “…400 letters to 13 U.S. universities advising of potential copyright infringement lawsuits against students…” (Adegoke.2007.) The issue here is though, the letters are just half the solution. What happens to the finances of the artist. Times have changed and unlike back in the time of a young Michael Jackson, artists don’t make their money in music sales. It used to be- before the threat of P2P networks- that records were being certified 8 and 10 times platinum because of sales. Now a days artists like Mariah Carey, who had a 2005 comeback debut with the Emancipation of Mimi, make the majority of their profits with the sale of tickets for concerts. Mariah Carey who experienced international success...
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