Internet Censorship

Topics: Internet, Censorship, Internet censorship Pages: 5 (1893 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Today, internet is the most helpful technology which is used worldwide among the society. It helps us in our everyday life because it is utilised by people of all ages in various aspects of life. Internet is also used to communicate among each other, such as sending emails and messages. Other than that, for example if someone has a distant relationship or even families from other countries, there is also a website called Skype, where we can see and talk to each other through the computer. Facebook is also another website where people keep in touch with others and are able to make new friends. According to the statistics shown from December 1995 to June 2012, there is an increase of approximately 2,400 million internet users from all over the world (Internet World Stats, 2012). This clearly shows that internet has played a big role in helping us in many ways. In recent years, internet censorship has been a globally discussed topic among governments as well as the public. There are a few of the internet users that want some of the internet information to be censored. Contrary to common belief that internet content can be damaging and should be censored, censorship in the internet should not be encouraged because it impacts the growth of economy, freedom of speech and expansion of knowledge. One of the main reasons why internet should not be censored is because it may increase the economy growth of the country. For example, people will be able to find many useful sources from the internet if it is not censored. They do not have to trouble themselves and try finding that information from other sources since internet is the easiest way and also reliable. Therefore, if the use of the internet is used widely among the society, the economic growth will increase tremendously. According to Minteh, B.S. (2011), China has enjoyed a huge economic development from the use of the internet. The Chinese government also stated that the way of communicating with people through the internet is very important and it has helped China to raise the economic growth. This shows that more people will use the internet if it is not censored and this will definitely increase the economic growth. Other than that, Lamar Smith (R-TX) has introduced a United States law, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). This law is created to prevent the online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and also the selling of fake products. However, one of the most important websites, such as, Reddit, is also being censored to object this anti-piracy law. (Brian Barrett, 2012). According to Stephen Lendman (2012), there were many other websites which was censored as well. During the blackout of Wikipedia for 24 hours, SOPA and another law called the PROTECT IP will be available. It is stated in the Google’s site that SOPA and PROTECT IP will censor the internet and thus, decrease the economic growth in the U.S. Therefore, the censorship of the internet should not be encouraged because it will not increase the economic growth of a country. On the other hand, there are those who believe only certain issues can be considered as freedom of speech, like, religions, education and most vitally, nothing that consists of malicious intention. Hence, it results to the fact that pornography or any malicious issues to be considered as freedom of speech. On the contrary, there are those who believe freedom of speech is ensuring the freedom of ideas flowing to be protected. In other words, it gives freedom to the public to express themselves, whether the other parties agree or not. Corn-Revere (2009) stated that, a vast majority of freedom of speech or free passes for people to express themselves can be seen through the online system; for example, bloggers. Countless of censorship issues have risen worldwide. In Italy, a Google executive was sentenced as a YouTube uploaded a malicious video regarding a disabled teenager being treated cruelly, despite the fact he had already removed...
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