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Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility, Business ethics Pages: 45 (13049 words) Published: May 25, 2014
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In this report the Overall work of Corporate Social Responsibility of CBs in Bangladesh will be focused and described. To know the details about Mercantile Bank and CSR activities of CBs in Bangladesh I interviewed some Bank Officer of MBL and other information were collected and gathered with the help of the internet. The company overview was collected both from internet and bank which I used in my report. The report will talk about the Corporate Social Responsibility in Bangladesh perspective and CSR activities of Mercantile Bank and other Bank in Bangladesh, how my supervisor helped me to make the report, what I have learned from this dissertation and how my supervisor assessed me on my work. In this report, I have tried to give a comparative picture of corporate social responsibilities (CSR) of CBs in Bangladesh. I also defined what corporate social responsibilities and tried to show how important it is in this 21st century. The report has been segmented into seven parts. The first part focuses on introduction, scope of the report, objectives, methodology, and limitations. The second part includes information about Mercantile Bank. The third part of the report gives the definition of CSR. This part also includes historical definition of CSR. The fourth part gives the position of CSR in global and Bangladesh context. This part also gives some commercial Banks CSR activities in Bangladesh. The fifth part gives CSR activities of Mercantile Bank Ltd. The sixth part shows the Comparison of CSR activities (Mercantile Bank with Other Banks). Last part of the report concluded with conclusion and some constructive recommendation regarding good practice. I have taken all the reasonable care to ensure the quality of the report and I hope that it has included all the necessary information which is in the scope of my ability. I would like to express that my effort for this report will provide you a better picture regarding the CSR activities of CBs in Bangladesh. Introduction

Social responsibility is a concept well known in the corporate world and beyond that. Business all over the world have practiced only profit making actions at past but not for long as the enterprise started to develop complexities and wideness in size and actions so was their reach getting bigger and bigger. As every person has his own social responsibilities towards the society so does the business firms. The idea is that, the business has social obligations and above and beyond making a profit is corporate social responsibility. However, it is regretful that though internationally it is being practiced widely, Bangladesh is still lagging behind. Bangladesh is a developing country. Because of global competitiveness and demand, the CSR practices and standards are being implemented in Bangladesh. But we are yet go a long way. There are challenges to implement CSR properly in Bangladesh. Ultimately CSR practices should be better practiced in Bangladesh for better and enhanced performance. Jamuna Bank believes that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integral and inseparable part of the long term business and sustainable growth and success, which plays an important role in promoting values both locally and internationally. The bank integrates all social, environmental and socio-economical issues in the time of its decision making. Contribution in CSR programs is always supported and encourage by the Board of Directors of the Bank. The management reports to the Board on CSR activities and is responsible to implement a specific line of approving authority, control and monitoring for financial support to such activities. Objective of the Study

Following were the objectives of the study—
Broad Objective:
The primary objective of the study is to meet the partial requirements to fulfill the BBA degree from IBAISUniversity under Accounting Department and to enhance the practical knowledge about the specific area of the CSR activities of...
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