International Relations Paper ( Political Science) Open Letter to President Bashar Al-Assad

Topics: Bashar al-Assad, Human rights, Syria Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Dear President Bashar al-Assad

How do you feel as being one of the biggest dictators, radical, ego-testicular, insecure president the world has ever seen? Do you feel great about yourself? How do you think your mom would feel about you turning your back on millions of your citizens? This not a nation that likes you or to even think your leadership is strong is quite distinguishing. Civil war is totally the answer of what’s going on in your country of Syria. You say its not civil war, since civil war is a since of division. You say Iraq supports how you are handling situations in your country. And many other Arab country supports you in their heart but, don’t dare to say it, because of pressure from the west? No Mr. President they don’t support you cause your killing your own citizens with no other explanation why. More than 40,000 innocent men and children have been killed due to your terms of terrorism. This is not the answer to innocent protest of a corrupt government.

The Syrian people and actually the whole world have been waiting for you to be diminished from office. A one party state system has been in power for more than a decade. If Americans can’t even put up with a two party system what makes you think your citizens can for over fifthly years. This started with simple civil rights protest of the Arab spring to overturn power back to a democratic process of freedom. Without a democracy Syria Is completely going to hell. I can make a list of how many human rights violations you are committing Mr. President. But then again you when faced with war crimes you say that your army is fighting terrorism.

Mr. President do you feel your leadership is pushing your country in the right path? More then ever you fear the west and, do truthfully dislike the west ideologies. But more than 500,000 of your Syrian people have become refuges in the wrath your violence and have been forced to move out there homes toward other distant, westernized...
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