International Business Strategy

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Chiung-Hui Tseng
61411A (Institute of International Business)
(06) 275-7575 ext.53512

Ireland, R.D., Hoskisson, R.E., and Hitt, M.A. (2009) The Management of Strategy: Concepts and Cases, 8th Edition, South-Western Press.

Course Objectives

In the past a few decades, the trend of globalization has rendered the world economies more interdependent. All businesses today (both international and domestic ones) are exposed to international competitive forces that can have serious consequences for their performance and survival. Such international competition especially brings new challenges and problems to corporations and managers directly involved in foreign markets. Among various issues arising from international operations, this course particularly focuses on the managerial challenges associated with strategy development and corporate management for those firms whose business activities transcend national boundaries.

Specifically, objectives of this course are twofold:
1. to expose students to issues related to business strategy within the context of global markets and competition 2. to provide students with significant opportunities to develop oral communication and presentation skills

Requirements and Grading

Participation 30%
Case Analysis and Presentation30%
Mid-Term Self Evaluation (close-book)10%
Final Exam (close-book)20%


All students are expected to PREPARE for and PARTICIPATE in every class meeting. Through in-class discussion, we can all learn from each other’s viewpoints and, more importantly, we can learn more by debating issues than by listening passively.

Grading on participation is based on the following scale:
Participation Quantity and QualityPoints
Contributions ranked top 10% 100
Contributions ranked next 20% 90
Contributions ranked next 20% 80
Contributions ranked next 20% 70
Contributions ranked next 20% 60
Contributions ranked bottom 10% 50

Case Analysis and Presentation:

This is a group activity. Each group will be assigned a long case that describes problems facing one particular company or industry. Each group will then need to identify the problems, make a comprehensive analysis, and provide recommendations to that company or industry based on the knowledge learned from class and the information given in the case.

Key grading criteria for this project are as below:
1. Evidence of relevant and useful information
2. Logic, reasoning, and justification
3. Creativity, uniqueness, and being interesting
4. Professional, persuasive, and effective oral presentation (50 minutes) Things to note in oral presentation:
• Positive and enthusiastic attitude; never read along notes • Good voice, eye contact, and gesture
• Relate to the audience; be interesting
• Be clear on the objective and key points
• Be organized and stay in time limit
• Good use of visual aids
• Meaningful wording, correct spelling and grammar

Policy on Academic Dishonesty

Cheating on exams, plagiarism of published authors or classmates, or any other form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic fail for the exam/paper/report, if not for the course.

Course Schedule

|Week |Topics and Reading Assignments | |1 (02/25/10) |Course Overview | |2 (03/04/10) |Ch.1 What is strategic management? | |3 (03/11/10) |Ch.2 Exploring the external environment: Competition and Opportunities | |...
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