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Intermarriage is the marriage between partners who are from different social, racial, religious, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. Intermarriage is also known as interracial marriage, interfaith marriage, and endogamy etc. This can be between any Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or any other religion. Therefore, intermarriage affects how children are raised, a persons religious way of life, and can lead to possible family rejection.
Intermarriage causes many problems to the couples who are in these relationships. Interfaith couples, who are of different religions, tend to live together in common law rather than in holy matrimony. According to a study made in 2006, 452,000 couples in Canada were of interrelationships. Families of prejudices tend to believe that interfaith couples marry to be rebellious against their parents. Couples in interracial relationships may have similar interests and educational backgrounds, but their family and cultural beliefs are different. Although it is possible for one or the other to convert to the others faith, many people choose not to. This is because the process is too difficult since they have to compromise between on another to figure out which faith to follow or mix both of their two faiths together. A majority of Canadians today seem to be made up of hyphenations, such as Chinese- Canadian, African- Canadian, and afghan- Canadians etc. while other countries may have certain thoughts and biases on intermarriage, Canada has a different perspective. 83% of Canadians would approve of their child marrying a Christian, 39% would approve of their child marrying a Muslim, 46% would approve of their child marrying a Hindu, 39% would allow for marrying a Sikh, 54% would allow marrying a Buddhist and 56% would allow their child to marry a Jewish.

Interracial couples face many challenges throughout their daily lifestyles. They undergo open hostility and intimidation, negative stereotyping, derogatory comments,

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