Intercultural Communication

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Intercultural Communication

Slide 1: Introduce the topic

Slide 2: Introduce the outline of the report

Slide 3: First and foremost we need to start by giving a working definition of the term Intercultural Communication. What are we describing when we utter this term?

We are of course very much familiar with communication. However for this term the concept “Intercultural” is added. Now, we can break down this word into its basic parts: Inter, a Latin prefix, which means between or among and culture, which refers to the different ideas, customs, and social behavior that is unique to different societies or groups. This definition can apply to something as general as the Filipino culture or something as specific as student culture here in San Beda. Grouping these two together, we get a general picture of what Intercultural Communication means. Basically it is communication between different cultures.

Now, why is this relevant for us? Can anybody tell me?

(Class Participation)

We are here because we want to get a diploma in Business and Public Administration. In Business today, or in any organization, Intercultural Communication has been a very important topic. We are familiar with the term, globalization. In our day and age, people from different cultures are becoming more and more connected. Let us take a more specific example. Imagine that you are working for a government office or a private firm; your colleagues will most likely have different backgrounds. Whether it is their nationality, or their religion, or their social, ethnic, or educational background, there are always differences. For an organization to be successful and to run as smoothly as possible, effective communication between these people is very important. Misunderstandings can easily arise in this kind of environment and of course we do not want that. That is why it is important today to learn as much as we can about Intercultural Communication.

Slide 4: Now that we have defined what Intercultural Communication means and what its importance for us is. I shall now proceed to the next part of my report, which is about the opportunities and challenges in Intercultural Communication. I will first start with some opportunities that I have noted.

Slide 5: I have divided these into opportunities or benefits for the organization and opportunities or benefits for the individual. First for the organization, the reasons are quite obvious to us. The first point being that there would be more efficiency if Intercultural Communication were properly carried out in the interaction of the employees. Obviously, if the working environment is harmonious, business will go more smoothly. Which leads me to the second point, more output. Of course in an organizational or business setting we have to admit that success is measured by the output and the completion of projects and transactions and whatnot. Again, with cooperation and understanding amongst the different staff, this would be easily achievable. The third point is more ideas. Along with the diversity in their backgrounds, we can expect of course more diversity in the ideas put forward. Of course, we have our own point of views, ideas, and beliefs, which we get from the culture we grew up in. Through Intercultural Communication, employees of different backgrounds have the opportunity to voice out their unique ideas. And this is beneficial to the business as it would have more options and more creativity and in the end it will become more dynamic. That is more productive than perhaps having people who come from the same culture, everybody will have more or less the same opinion, and same ideas and it will cause the business to grow at a much slower pace. The fourth is being more competitive; imagine a business that has employees with Intercultural Communication capacity versus a business whose employees have none. Which do you think will have a better chance of expanding their business and...
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