Interconnection of Natural Systems

Topics: Earth, Precipitation, Water cycle Pages: 3 (464 words) Published: June 25, 2014
Interconnection of Natural Systems
Having all of the natural systems interconnected does not help to our existence in the planet. By the interconnection of natural systems I mean the connection between the nutrient cycles, the trophic levels, weather, etc. A natural system is defined as one that “exists in nature and consists of all the materials that are physical and biological and the interrelated processes occurring to these materials that constitute the world and provide the physical basis for life.” These systems exist and do not depend on mankind (“Definition of natural system?,” n.d.). However, human activity can harm and alter these systems, which are critical to the continuous existence of life in our planet. Having them interconnected, can somehow affect life existence in our planet.

Our planet consists of many natural systems with numerous interactions within and between such. Because of this, one small change or transformation can lead to large changes in more than one system and can significantly impact life on Earth. Some of the main natural systems in our planet are ecosystems, the rock and water cycles, the cycling of carbon, nitrogen, and other elements or molecules, the global climate system, etc. A factor such as climate change, can lead to multiple impacts on these cycles. As temperatures increase, they produce changes in the global climate system, which produce numerous changes in other cycles and systems on the Earth.

Since the natural systems of Earth are complex and interconnected, the impact of changing one aspect of one system redounds through all of the systems in the planet  (Impacts of Climate Change, n.d.). For instance, the impact of climate change on the water cycle is seen in the melting of glaciers and ice caps, it is seen in the evaporation of rivers and lakes, etc. Additionally, if we look at ecosystems, the changes in temperatures and precipitation affect life on the planet in various ways.

The interconnection of...

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