Inter Religious Dialogue

Topics: Religion, Faith, Pope John Paul II Pages: 4 (1680 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Interrelgious Dialogue
February 2013
In his book The Intra-religious Dialogue, Raimon Panikkar seeks to tap into our daily humanistic encounters through teachings, discussion, questions and exploration as a basis of religious dialogue. Panikkar sets forth a guidebook of sorts in which the reader can better understand his/her set of beliefs and faiths as well as set out on a personal mission to encounter the religious practices of people around the world without prejudice or preconceived notions. I think the main issue set forth by Panikkar is to guide us along the path towards the “realization of human destiny” and provide us with the tools to higher comprehension of all faiths and beliefs. In the preface, Panikkar starts with a heady notion that the first steps of interreligious dialogue don’t involve seeking truth, having discussion or even listening to others. Rather it “takes place in the depths of the person” (xvii). This rational would seem pretty straightforward and most of us might not consider it a big deal but I believe it is a simple yet very powerful aspect of what our class is about and what this book is about. We all might say we are “open” to alternative means of thinking and living but to what degree? I feel that a majority of people might say this but are very stubborn in their ways and no amount of teaching and realization would force them to waver from their ideals no matter if they believe they are “open” within themselves. This “self-openess” is an absolute when it comes to dialogue and is the keystone to which mankind is built upon. I too might fall victim to this stubbornness. I definitely consider myself open to other customs and beliefs because as stated in my previous paper, I like to have “all the facts” laid before me when trying to understand who I am and how I should live my life, however I don’t know if I have done enough so far to help with my realizations and am not sure whether I am actively seeking better enlightenment for...
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