Inter Modal Transportation

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Explain what ‘Intermodal Transportation’ with reference to ‘Containerization’ is in today’s transportation process. Contents

1. Intermodal Transportation
2. Containerization
3. References

1. Intermodal Transportation

Globalization and the constant expansion of the geographical borders led to an increase of the international transport’s demand, promoting the development of the transport sector. 

In fact, the growth of the amount of freight being traded, as well as, a great variety of origins and destinations promotes the importance of international transportation as a fundamental element supporting the global economy. In particular, since the trading distances involved are often considerable, there has been an increase of demands on the maritime shipping industry and on port activities.

International transportation system have been under increasing pressures to support additional demands in freights volume and distance at which this freight is been carried. This couldn’t have occurred without considerable technical improvements permitting to transport larger quantities of goods quickly and efficiently.

An intermodal transportation chain is illustrated in Figure 1. In the example, loaded containers leave the shipper’s facilities by truck to a rail yard, where they are consolidated into a train and sent to another rail yard. Trucks are again used to transport the containers to the sea container terminal. This last option may not be is the sea container terminal has an interface to the rail network, in which case freight is transferred directly from one mode to the other. Containers are then transported to a port on another continent by ocean shipping, from where they leave the port by either trucking or rail (or both) to their destination.

2. Containerization

Containers played a crucial role in promoting intermodal transport. A Container is defined as a “generic term for a box to carry freight, strong enough for repeated use,...
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