Intelligence within Technology

Topics: World Wide Web, Web search engine, Google search Pages: 3 (1226 words) Published: December 4, 2013

The World Wide Web, or simply called the “www” has been progressively moving forward in the last decade. However, is Google really giving the world knowledge, which we can benefit from, or is the world taking advantage of this great invention and only using it for spur of the moment needs and affecting our ways of learning and brain? Is the world actually taking in facts or has the brain changed in a way that the information is just forgotten about? Human brains are becoming weak due to the reliance on computers, and specifically in the memory because we tend not to go in depth with any research. As the Internet becomes our primary source of information, it is affecting our ability to read books and other long narratives. This process of rewiring our brains carries the danger of flattening human experience even as it offers the benefits of knowledge efficiency and immediacy.  Google was created over ten years ago, and up to this date, over 4.7 trillion searches are done on a daily basis around 181 countries and six continents (Academic). To look at that in a different viewpoint, that’s twenty million searches every hour of every day of the year. The problem is, the searches made on Google aren’t being used for long time memory, only for a short period of time. The prefrontal sections of human brains forget what we look up because we’ve taught ourselves to skim then forget. We have everything available to us without even realizing it, but tend to ignore it (Academic). The brain is now learning to disregard information found online; this certain connection becomes stronger every time we experience this situation, in the result Google is just used even more (Academic). Since the popularity of Google, our brains are losing memory capabilities and because of that situation we aren’t gaining any knowledge.

People are slowly becoming dependent on Google for everything that needs to be done. If Google were never created in the first place then our capabilities...
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