Integrative Minds

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Integrative Minds,
Management, &

present a contrast in order to compare the
conventional thinker versus the integrative
thinker. Also present a vision about the
integrative thinker affront the issues a take the


In our life’s we learn a take decisions using a
comparisons like rate of return, cost, salvage

By Eng. Jaime Morales Nieves

value and other economics criteria. However in
the engineering’s curses that I take, never heard
about the uses an integrative thinking in order to
taking a complete decisions.

Managers have many responsibilities in theirs job
every day. They have to organize, lead, and
control: people, team, money, facilities, and other

Roger Martin

describe an integrative thinking as a mind that can
view other options beyond the conventional

resources to accomplish the business objectives.

Mind that affront the problem with different

Also they have to take important decisions, which

perspective, instead to choose for choice 1 or

involve a lot of thought. When a manager takes a

choice 2, the integrative thinker hold the two

decisions, they have to analyze all the parameters

options in their mind and develop a choice 3 using

that will be affected, advantages, disadvantages

the benefits of the choice 1 and choice 2.

and many other essential aspects before take it.

Establish a powerful choice, and challenge the

We live in a world that change every minute.

conventional options.

World at where the technology is one of the

This practice is powerful, because many time we

principal tools in the business development. For

take an option restricted by the convention form,

this and other reason, we have to discuss the

and can’t view other advantage or disadvantage.

integrative thinking. How the integrative thinking

I think that this thinking form, should be learned

affront the issues and take hard decisions?


Roger Martin dean of the Rotman School of
Management at the University of Toronto, in his
paper How Successful LeadersThink, describe





development of the new perspective persons and
new points of view. In the engineering campus
this element is crucial because we have to solve

his perspective about the integrative thinking. He
Engineering Management I
Dr. Edgar Torres, Ph. D.

issues every day, and use the integrative thinking

Envisioning the decision architecture.

will be successful and powerful.

conventional thinker regularly break the issues in

All of the deduction will be support with the
divergence of the conventional thinking and
integrative thinking at the time to develop the


her elements and then analyzed every element
separately. The conventional thinker meanwhile
analyzed the issue with all its elements as whole.
You can think that do this, is a bad practice

four steps of decision making.

because complicated the issue. However in some






case the elements will can affect inwardly, if you

comprehend which elements are significant. The

analyzed it’s separately maybe don’t identify the

conventional thinker only are emphasized in the

some benefit or issue.

relevant choice, for example, if they have ten
option will be eliminated all that they can, in
order to simplify the decisions. Conversely the
integrative thinker analyzed the ten options and
try to found all the advantage and disadvantage,
in order to have a complete choice description,
and then they attempt to make a powerful option
with all of the advantage of each choices. It’s
significant because when they do integration,
they have a full-scale point of view, consequently

Achieving resolution. Each step that mentioned
above defined what is...

References: Both are importance
Martin R, (2007)
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