Integrating Media Literacy Into The K 12

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Integrating Media Literacy into the K-12 Basic Education Program

Day 2 Training Module (April 23, 2015, Thursday, 2:30 – 4:00pm) Integrating Media Concepts to 21st Century Teaching and Learning I. Review of Media Concepts
What do we mean by Media?
Activity: Participants’ Media Environment
The participants will work in groups to think of all the different kinds of media that they have used or exposed to from the moment they started teaching. They will also be asked to give a short description or definition of what media is. (5 minutes for each group and 10 minutes processing) Defining Media

A teacher’s definition of media is crucial because it shapes how one practices and integrates media literacy in his/her subject area. Media has the following characteristics:
1. It conveys messages through visual, language, and/or sound. 2. Media messages are mass-produced for a mass-audience and are mediated by some form of technology. Key Concepts of Media Messages
1. All media messages are constructed
2. Each medium has different characteristics, strengths, and unique “language” of construction. 3. Media messages are produced for particular purposes.
4. All media messages contain embedded values and points of view. 5. People use their individual skills, beliefs, and experiences to construct their own meanings from media messages. 6. Media and media messages can influence beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviours, and the democratic process. Activity: Pictures relating to each concept of Media Message will be shown and the participants will relate to the concepts of media messages. (15 minutes)

II. The Need for Media Literacy in 21st Century Learning and Teaching A. Principles of Learning in the 21st Century
The first principle is the shift from education to learning
The second one is the shift from consumption of learning to participation and production The third one is the shift from thinking about institutions to thinking about new works. B. Merging Media...
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