INSY 3303 Lab 04 Manual

Topics: Wireless access point, Wi-Fi, Network switch Pages: 10 (2345 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Lab 1: Improving performance by LAN Hardware Upgrade
In this lab, OPNET’s IT Guru Academic Edition advanced modeling software will be used to study performance improvements in LAN obtained by upgrading switch hardware. We will also look at a wireless LAN topology and characterize it by looking at Media Access Delay values.

You will learn the benefits of upgrading switch hardware in a congested LAN environment.

Lab Project
Friendly Care Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in DC. It owns a 5-story building, and houses many departments that span multiple floors. Its Radiology department is spread across the first and second floor connected by a dedicated LAN. The department has recently deployed a new “Radiology Images” application as part of their initiative to digitize patient records. However, the department staff sometimes faces long application delays during busy hours. You, as their network engineer, are tasked with the job find the cause and recommend a solution. Also, Friendly Care is looking to design a wireless hospital for the future and wishes to study a proposed network design, using a completely different topology and traffic profile.

In this lab, there are 3 scenarios. The first two scenarios study the “Radiology Images” application performance on a 100 Mbps switched Ethernet network, and a 1 Gbps switched Ethernet network after a switch hardware upgrade. The third scenario focuses on evaluating a Wireless LAN, including low-level Media Access Delay (MAC) statistics, and high-level performance statistics like application response times.

Lab Instructions
Note: Bold marked words indicate menu/clickable options.

Part 1: Understand the model and modeling environment
1. Start IT Guru Academic Edition 9.1 (free download available at 2. Select File -> Open…
3. Scroll to the project named LAN_Lab_1, select it and click OK. If you do not see this project in the list, it means you have not downloaded and installed the labs properly. For complete instructions, follow the steps on this page:


4. The first scenario is named “100Mbps”. You can verify the project and scenario by observing the title bar (see screenshot below).

In this scenario, groups of users belonging to Radiology Department are connected on a dedicated LAN containing two switches, one on each floor. A switched is indicated by the icon:

. The switches are named

1st_Floor_Switch and 2nd_Floor_Switch. Groups of users

hit a variety of


running file, database, HTTP, and Email services. The Radiology servers
Images application is hosted on a server called Radiology_Imaging_Server. This lab simulates users running these various applications between their workstations and the servers.
Note: OPNET allows for abstracting background application demands into traffic flows, which are defined by specifying a source, a destination and a bits/sec rate between them. This feature helps in faster simulation without sacrificing accuracy, as we can use analytical techniques to calculate the statistics instead of performing intensive perpacket based calculation. Thus various background demands that user places on the network have been encompassed into IP Flows here. We have hidden these demands for clarity purposes. For the curiously inclined, you may view these flows by clicking View -> Demand Objects -> Show All. To hide them, click View -> Demand Objects > Hide All.

For input in this study, the groups of users are configured to run Email, HTTP, FTP and Radiology Image applications.
For output, OPNET software provides many types of output performance statistics; low level statistics such as link bit error rate, switch queuing delays, and switch throughput, and high-level statistics like end-user application response times. We will focus on application response time and switch...
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